How to Winterize your Washer

If the Washer is stored in an area where freezing can occur or moved into freezing temperatures, follow these winterizing instructions to prevent damage to your washer.

Turn off water supply faucets.

Disconnect the hoses from the water supply and drain the water from the hoses.

Plug the electrical cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet.

Add 1 gallon of nontoxic recreational vehicle (RV) antifreeze into the empty wash tub. Close the Lid

Set the cycle selector knob at a spin spin setting.  Start the spin cycle and let the washer spin for about 1 minute, long enough to drain out all the water.  Not all of the RV antifreeze will be expelled.

Stop the spin cycle.  Now dry the interior wash tub and close the door.  Unplug the power cord.

Store the washer in an upright position.

To remove the antifreeze from the washer after storage, run the empty washer through a complete cycle using detergent.  Do not add clothes to the washer until you have run a complete empty cycle first.

That's it.